Delhi to London on a Bus?

Are you too surprised by reading the title? But yes it is true that now we can travel from Delhi to London by road. It is best for those who love to go out on road trips. For explorers hanging tight for the epic long excursion of a lifetime, Adventures Overland has reported the most epic travel venture on the planet all set to begin in the year 2021. Indeed, the Bus to London will be the first-historical travel expedition from India's capital Delhi to London in the UK.

The journey will cover more than 20,000 km while crossing upwards of 18 nations in a sum of 70 days. So if you all are thinking of this trip you better hurry because there are only 20 seats. Voyagers can select either a full journey or browse an aggregate of four legs such as

Southeast Asia (11 evenings, 12 days),

China (15 evenings, 16 days),

Central Asia (21 evenings, 22 days) and

Europe (15 evenings, 16 days.


18 countries -













Czech Republic,




France and


Cost of the tour -

If you pick the full monty from Delhi to London, you should dish out 15 lakh for each individual. Truly, such trips are worth spending! Then again, in case you want to travel between any of the four legs, the expense per individual extents between Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4.95 lakh. Presently going to the course, the Delhi-London transport excursion will begin from the National capital in India and will continue to Myanmar, Thailand, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and will at long last finish up in London.

All hotel stays will be on a twin sharing basis and a proper crew will be on-board the bus to assist the travellers in almost all situations – be it currency exchange, getting local SIM cards and more.

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The bus services include:

  • Business Class seat with multiple seat adjustment options and ample legroom

  • 2 x 1 configuration seat layout for the wider alley.

  • Individual entertainment system with AUX and USB port

  • Foldable tray to help you work on the laptop or eat your snacks

  • Mobile phone charging points via plug and USB

  • Bottle and cup holder on every seat

  • Ample storage for each individual for laptop bags/handbags/snacks

  • Spacious room to carry two full-size suitcases of each participant

  • Private locker for each seat to store valuable items

  • Mini pantry with a cool box to store water, beverages, chocolates, snacks, etc.

  • Wi-Fi

  • The partition between seats for privacy

  • First-aid kit, fire extinguisher and multiple emergency exit points

  • Mic and audio system

For complete details of the tour and how to register for the world’s longest bus journey, visit


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