By hearing the name Eco-Challenge, you might think that this challenge would be related to the environment or something. But you’ll be shocked to know that Eco-Challenge is the World’s Toughest Race. This race is a time-based adventure race where the teams from all over the world participate and have to complete the race in the given time. Each team comprises of 4 people and a mandatory mix of both genders. They race non-stop, 24 hours a day across 300 miles (500km) rugged terrain, where racers have to follow the adventure disciplines including climbing, glacier trekking, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering and rappelling. Sounds interesting right! As you read, the activities that are going to be in the race you might have understood that the racers are required to be extremely experienced, self resilient and the endurance to persevere long days back-to-back without resting.


Every team has one assistant crew member which meets the team at the key points and helps them resupply with all the necessary gears and other things. The teams are required to navigate the way using only a map and the compass which is given to them at the start of the race. As the use of smartphones or any GPS devices is strictly prohibited, the teams should be extremely cautious. Any mistake made during the navigation can cost them their valuable time and other teams might take a lead.


Losing a team member along with the race due to any circumstances such as injury, exhaustion or disagreement of opinions, the whole team gets disqualified. Hence it's preferable to know your team members well about their endurance, their limits, decision-making skills which will help to win the race.

Eco-Challenge was created by Mark Brunnet in 1992 and the first Eco-Challenge was aired on TV in 1995 which was in Utah Dessert and was aired every year till 2002. Last year in 2019 Eco-Challenge was conducted in Fiji and was aired on Amazon Prime. The race was hosted by the most adventurous man in the world Bear Grylls. Next year this is going to be in Patagonia - a small region in South America.


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