I had the most amazing trip to Jaipur this February. I was visiting Rajasthan for the first time and was too excited to be there to experience all the beautiful locations. During this trip I ticked off one thing from my bucket list i.e to travel with unknown people.for 7 days.

Yes I was anxious but excited to meet them and to make memories with them. Now the day was here and the journey started.So we got a train from Mumbai and reached Jaipur next morning.

I seriously didn’t expect anyone to be extremely friendly on the first day itself. But I was lucky enough and I was sure that I was gonna have an amazing time in these 7 days.

After reaching jaipur we first checked in to our hotel, freshened up and got ready to seize the day.

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Here are some places that I visited,

Chokhi Dhani:

Chokhi Dhani is one of the most amazing places to visit in Jaipur. The entry fee is 800 INR and there are so many activities to do. There are various games like archery, bowling, basketball, etc. one can also enjoy various food items like Pani puri, hot and cold Rabdi (tastes yummy), also there is a whole restaurant inside it. I had the most amazing dinner there. It was a pure traditional Rajasthani Thali which includes Daal Baati churma, Malpua, Khichdi, and a lot many things.

City palace

City Palace is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jaipur. Once you enter, you can really feel you have entered the era of Kings and Queens. The majestic gates and mesmerizing architecture will astonish you and you will definitely wish if you had been born in that era to actually experience all the riches. There are various entry fees i.e to enter the palaces or just museums, etc. So it is actually a group of buildings, various galleries, courtyards, restaurants and museums.

Amer Fort :


Amer fort is the biggest fort in Jaipur. Built by Raja Man Singh and later all the additions were made by Sawai Jai Singh. This fort has a lot of amazing history so make sure you hire a guide. We spent around 2 hours inside the fort. The mixture of mughal and hindu architecture and paintings will make you amazed. The most amazing things in the fort are the darbaars, the garden and the view from the top. This is a must visit place in Jaipur.

Words don't match the pride and glory that this place of rajasthan holds.

Nahargarh fort :

We reached Nahargarh fort in the evening. We rushed towards a point where we could cherish the beautiful sunset. I dreamt of sitting quietly at a place where I could see the sun setting, colouring the sky with some beautiful shades with my friends. But obviously my dream didn’t come true as there were hundreds of people around us shattering the silence of nature. As soon as the sun went down we could see the whole city lit with lights from the top.

Hawa Mahal:

The infamous Hawa Mahal is as majestic as it seems. Located right in the middle of the city, it attracts thousands of tourists per day. There are various shopping options around Hawa Mahal which keeps the road very busy all the time. Also there are various cafes opposite the Hawa mahal to just sit and enjoy the view of the beautiful masterpiece whilst sipping a cup of coffee.

Jantar Mantar :


There were a total of 5 Jantar Mantars in India. The one in Jaipur has the world’s largest stone sundial. Jantar Mantar has some various instruments to calculate time, locate heavenly bodies which were there in the past, etc. Every structure is scientifically designed 200 years ago which are still used by the people. It is also considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many instruments like Disha yantra, Rama Yantra, etc.

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