Rajmachi Trek

For all the trekkers and trek lovers, this trek to Rajmachi would be an amazing option if you haven’t yet completed this trek. Let’s know more about this.

So, let’s start with the description of the Rajmachi fort.

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Rajmachi Fort is one of the historical forts in the Sahyadri mountains. It contains two fortresses Shriwardhan fort and Manaranjan fort, with a wide plateau surrounding the two forts. The whole trek route is about 16 km from Lonavala. Also, there are other routes as well to reach Rajmachi but we decided to go from Lonavala.

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Ways to reach:

  • The first and easy route is from Lonavala which has a trail to reach the top. You can get into the express train which will drop you at Lonavala Station and then you can get a taxi or hire a car to drop you at the Udhewadi Base village which is approx. 17 km from Lonavala Station.

  • The other route is from Karjat. You can easily get local trains which will leave you till Karjat Station and later you have to travel approx 60 km to reach the Kondivade base village. This route is a bit difficult as the trail is quite uphill and steep.

Hence, we decided to take the route via Lonavala as we were going for the first time and we also had some first time trekkers. There is also an option whether you want to do an overnight trek or a simple one day trek. Overnight trek has its perks as you get to experience to stay in tents, stargaze all night with friends and also see the amazing fireflies which will cheer you up.

Trek begins:

We decided to go for a day trek. We reached the base village early morning, had some breakfast and started the trek. You can also hire a local guide for guiding the way if you are going all by yourself. We didn't hire anyone as we wanted to do it ourselves. The trail is mostly flat and easy to climb hence its perfect for beginners and first-time trekkers.

We took approx. three and half hours to four hours to reach the top as we took many water breaks and also stopped for clicking pictures of the magnificent views. We got wet in waterfalls which came along the way and the climate was also on our side.

There was so much fog and climate was windy with so less sun rays which made our trip so much better. We also had Maggie in between the trek as there was a stall in the middle. That was really a cherry on the cake.

And finally, we reached the top and I was speechless. There are no words to describe how beautiful it was being on top and how the cold breeze passed touching our cheecks making us forget all the fatigue. We all took a moment to feel the breeze. At that time we forgot everything and lived in the moment because this feeling wasn't going to come back when we return to our routine and chaotic life.

We rested for some time had our food which we carried till the top and clicked many photos. But unfortunately, our cameras couldn't justify the beauty of nature. But we still had captured our memories which are gonna stay with us for life now. After a couple of hours, we started to descend but nobody was willing to leave those amazing views and climate and go back to normal lives.

We again reached the base village and got a taxi till Lonavala Station. We were tired of walking for hours and hours but yet refreshed with what we felt today at the top.

We boarded our train and we still had 2-3 hours to reach our home hence all we did on the train journey was share photos, took naps and talk about the amazing day we spent.

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Things to carry :

Extra pair of clothes and socks

Trekking shoes

2-3 liters of water

Food and snacks

Rainoat, Umbrella (anything you want)

Personal medicines (if any)

Do not carry valuables that aren't necessary.

And lastly, take your friends ; )

Trekking is the best way to escape from the routine and to be yourself for a while.

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