Rent a campervan to Explore the beauty of Maharashtra.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Does Maharashtra start campervans Amidst the global pandemic you might be frustrated sitting at home and go through the travel memories in your phone gallery? Yess! This is pretty much the situation of everyone right now. Every one of us is missing the outdoor life of ours and wants to go back to normal as soon as possible. Now let me give you some surprise! You can go outdoors and travel and fill your heart again with memories. Are you wondering is that possile? Well, I’ll say it is possible now.

Maharashtra is now starting tourism in its own different style. MTDC is introducing customized caravan vehicles by collaborating with Motohom to kick start the tourism in Maharashtra. You can now go on road trips while being in comfort and experience the natural beauty of the wilderness. The best part of renting a caravan is that you can travel at your own pace while maintaining safety. The Minister of Tourism Aaditya Thackeray and the Minister of State for Tourism Aditi Tatkare as of late today hailed off the venture.

So right now Motohom has 2 vehicles, i.e., a minivan that will be ideal for an excursion for a couple, while the other one, i.e., a traditional motorhome will be ideal for little families. The minivan comes outfitted with a back front seat region, which you can change over into a flatbed, and furthermore has a repurposed trunk. It additionally comes upgraded with a separable living space that can give you additional room on the rooftop. Be that as it may, the bigger campervan accompanies a kitchen, a little room, a lounge, a 'patio' space on the rooftop, and a washroom. Further, both the vans have a garbage removal system. And we the vehicles even have the tracking systems i.e GPS system.
Ready to go Camping?

How would you book it?

You can book the vehicles legitimately on Motohom's site. The smaller vehicle is at present accessible for Rs4,000/day, while the bigger vehicle that accompanies a driver and a specialist can be leased from Rs.21,000/day. You can just lease these campervans to Travel Maharashtra, as of now.


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