The Wettest Place on Earth

By hearing the title, you may think of Cherapunji, but in the last few decades, there's this place which has stole the title of Cherrapunji 'the wettest place on earth'. This place is called Mawsynram, a village located 15 km from Cherrapunji in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. This village has a Guinness Book of World Record for receiving the highest amount of rainfall, i.e. 26,000mm in the year 1985.

This place also has some unique factors to be discussed :

  • There are many notable stalactites and stalagmites caves, which has become a significant tourist attraction. One of these stalagmites resembles the Shiva Linga and the cave is also dome-shaped. Hence tourists come from across the nation to worship here.

Stalagmites resembling Shiva Linga
  • The villagers build their huts using thick grass to soundproof their huts from the deafening stormy rain. Many picturesque waterfalls and lush green lands make up for the landscape.

  • People of Mawsynram don't use umbrellas and raincoats as they are unable to handle the stormy rain. Instead, they make rain covers, which are locally known as 'knups.’ Knups are made by bamboo slivers, plastic sheets and broom grass to create a rain shield that resembles a turtle shell, which is then worn on the head. The knups are large enough to keep the rain off the whole body right up to the knees.

Rain Covers - Knups
  • The locals make the bridges made out of roots of rubber trees across the streams which are then useful in the monsoon. These root bridges are locally called as jing kieng jri and become stronger as it grows older. It can hold up to 35 people at one time. this place has one of the oldest living root bridges in the world.

Root Bridges
  • One of the favorite pass time of the residents of Mawsynram is shooting arrows which is locally known as Siat Khnam. In this activity the contestants throws arrows as javelines at bamboo targets and gamble upon it.

It is one of the incredible places in India making it INCREDIBLE INDIA.

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